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The Week is Won on Thursday

The week is won on Thursday....

Strange title, but let me explain.

… I am talking about procrastination.

Before this I worked at a silicon valley startup. And we’d meet every morning for what’s called a stand up.

Standups are a 15 minute check in with the following format.

… What did you do yesterday?

… What are you going to do today?

… Is anything blocking you?

This is designed to make sure everyone is able to move freely through their tasks.

But things come up right?

You start working on something. And all of a sudden you’re blocked.

… It could be as simple as your computer not updating.

… Or a coworker…

… Or in life…

You set out fix something in the bathroom but realize you’re missing a tool… But when you go to home depot… They don’t even have it !

What is the point in all of this?

Things come up in life.

There’s always something that is going to block your progress.

But sometimes we give up.Run away.

I’ll start on Monday…

Sound familar?

Of course it does…

So… at the end of our meeting

My coworker would say something like...

Remember… The week is won…on Thursday

So let that be a reminder…

Don’t wait until Monday…

Don’t wait until New Years…

Get what you want now.

See y’all on that mats.

- Coach Josh